Certified Tumor Registrar

Rex Healthcare

Basic Duties of a Certified Tumor Registrar are as follows:

The Tumor Registrar analyzes, abstracts and codes demographic, patient and cancer related information, treatment and staging from the medical records on all cancer cases seen and/or diagnosed at Rex-UNC Health Care.  The Tumor Registrar must have knowledge and exhibit compliance to standards of the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer.  The Tumor Registrar performs life time follow-up to provide cancer incidence, treatment and outcome information to appropriate data bases, for quality improvement activities, administrative planning and marketing, and support programs.  The Tumor Registrar assist with quality control activities, information requests and quality improvement studies as required.  Performs other duties as required.

Maintains patient computer data to ensure conformance to ACoS requirements of tumor registry operational standards and to meet the needs of the users of registry data.  Maintains quality control of case finding, abstracting, coding and follow-up.  Assembles and disseminates tumor registy data.  Prepares statistical reports; provides data on cancer patient populations as requested.  Prepare narrative reports and graphic presentations; design tables, charts and graphs of tumor registry data for special studies and annual report as requested.

Identifies all reportable cases of malignant diseases for inclusion into the registry database.  Working knowledge of Reportable List and coding of ICD-O site and histology.  Performs case abstracting from the medical records.  Records all pertinent data using established coding conventions and abstracting guidelines.  Correctly interprets and codes cancer diagnosis, stage, treatment and outcomes information for each case abstracted maintaining quality and accuracy of cancer registry data.

Performs follow-up activities to ensure compliance with ACoS requirements.  Maintains records of living patients to obtain end results information on the quality and length of survival.

Position may require working remotely after a minimum of 90 days onsite training.

Job Qualifications

Education:  Associate or Bachelors degree required.

Licensure:  Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR) required.

Experience:  Cancer Registry experience preferred.

Special Skills:  Must have basic knowledge of anatomy, physiology, medical and surgical terminology.  Aptitude for working with statistics and other detail work.  Must have experience with Microsoft Office.  Must be able to work with minimal supervision, develop and maintain working relationships with physicians, department members, and others concerned with cancer registry activities.

To apply online, please visit https://rexcss.igreentree.com/CSS_External/CSSPage_Referred.ASP?Req=14829